About Us

A team committed to decarbonising the built environment

Henry Mayell

Co-founder and COO

After receiving a First Class degree from Loughborough University, researching sustainable homes and green roofs, Henry worked on Elliott Wood’s Structural Carbon Tool. He brings technical expertise and skills with a large network in the construction industry. 

Adrià Tarrida

Co-founder and CEO

In the last 6 years, Adrià has founded and worked in circular economy startups Crumbs Brewing and Polytag (B2B Saas). He brings managerial and commercial experience to the team as well as connections to the Spanish market.

Simon Pither


Over 20 years in the B2B SaaS Proptech industry as a consultant and entrepreneur (CEO of PaTMa that allows landlords to manage their properties). Simon brings experience in the PropTech industry, growing a subscription business, and the vast data sets used for PaTMa and other initiatives.

At hesti we are tackling two conflicting crises, the housing crisis and the global climate crisis. On one side we have been set the target of delivering 300,000 homes per annum in order to meet the needs of the UK population but on the other side if we deliver these homes using traditional methods of construction we will blow the entire UK carbon budget.

Our journey

hesti is a Prop-Tech start-up focusing on the climate emergency. We developed as part of Carbon13, the venture builder for the climate emergency. During this four month accelerator we carried out customer discovery, ideation and pitching processes leading to four successful pilots planned for 2023.

hesti is now participating in the Geovation accelerator run by the Ordnance Survey. We’re busy building our MVP at the moment and onboarding our first customers but get in touch to hear more.

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